New Mix – Stacks From The Racks 6

Stacks From The Racks 6 / A Mix of Tunes Taken From LP’s On Sale At Mystery Train Records
by A Stack of Dusty Records

So here’s a new mix of tunes taken from LP’s on sale at the store… a bit of folk, psych, and beyond… but you know I couldn’t resist some funky jazz and even a touch of the good old 80’s… hope you enjoy!

BUDDY BOHN “Catch A Ray Of Sun” (Places LP).
MARTIN YARBROUGH “63rd Street Bag” (Mixed Moods LP).
EVERYDAY PEOPLE “I Like What I Like” (Self Titled LP).
BROTHERHOOD “Lady Faire” (Self Titled LP).
LINDA COHEN “Zambra” (Lake Of Light LP).
ANNIE HASLAM “Inside My Life” (Annie In Wonderland LP).
REVERBERI “Cat Casanova” (Timer LP).
CAROL HALL “My House” (Beads and Feathers LP).  
DON CHERRY “Mahakali” (Hear & Now LP).
DAVID “FATHEAD” NEWMAN “Dance Of The Honey Bee and The Funky Fly” (Concrete Jungle LP).
JIMMY SMITH “8 Counts For Rita (Snippet / edit)” (Unfinished Business LP).
HEAT SCALE “Kingdoms Without Corners” (Sunsetz LP).
ZAWINUL “6 A.M. / Walking On The Nile” (Dialects LP).
THE DARK “Better Than That” (Don’t Feed The Fashion Sharks EP).

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